Request for Accommodations

Request your course accommodations for courses offered through North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE) using the tools in this section. When viewing the 'Accommodations' tab, begin by selecting the course for which you need an accommodation.

  1. Click the 'Request' button to the right of the course. You will see all accommodations for which you have been approved.
  2. Select the accommodations you would like for the course.
    • Pay close attention to the accommodations for "Exams." You may see an accommodation listed twice if it has been approved for both exams and supports within the classroom/on campus.
    • If you need to modify existing accommodations or request additional accommodations for which you have not yet been approved, please contact the DSS Main Office to request a counseling appointment.
  3. Click the circular button to acknowledge that you reviewed your approved accommodations and would like to send the letter to your instructor.
  4. Review the terms and click the check box if you agree to the terms outlined.
  5. Click "Submit".
    • Your accommodation request will be approved immediately once you submit it and you will be able to access a copy of your letter. Your letter is sent automatically to the instructor for review and confirmation; you do not need to do anything else.

You may access your accommodation letter through this website at any time once your request has been approved. Click on the option to the right of your class, 'Get Letter' to view your Letter of Accommodations (LOA). This is for your records and does not need to be submitted to your instructor.

NOTE: These accommodation letters are only valid for courses that you are registered to take through North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE).

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the DSS Main Office at 714-484-7057 or email disabilitysupport@noce.edu.

Click the 'Accommodations' tab above to get started.